Oxygence at Orloff Resort


Oxygence at Orloff Resort

Dear friend of the Orloff Resort,

Hope you are doing fine!

As you have experienced at Orloff, we are very proud of the special moments we create together with our guests. We are grateful to all of you coming to enjoy Spetses and the Orloff Resort. This year we wanted to add something special, something unique.

I am excited and pleased to announce that this year we offer a high quality health retreat experience to you.

As you may know health retreats are becoming very popular in Europe due to the challenges people experience in balancing work, life, food and peace of mind. In cooperation with Oxygence, this autumn we offer a health retreat that will absolutely exceed your expectations.

You can think of:

  • the best locally grown organic food
  • fresh juices packed with anti-oxidants and minerals
  • meditation, yoga or pilates
  • kickboxing, horse back riding, hikes, or bike rides
  • deep tissue, hot stone or simply relaxing massages
  • fitness and personal coaching, couple therapy
  • beauty treatments such as manicure, pedicure, hairdresser

This is not just any retreat. We customize it to your needs and create a program that will suit you! All this while you will be sleeping and completely pampered in your favorite resort Orloff.

The founder of Oxygence, Emily van der Sluis, is a returning guest to the Orloff Resort. Emily made it her mission to combine health and the beauty and talents of Spetses, so guests can experience a retreat one can’t find elsewhere.

All retreats we organize are full 7- day retreats.

Will you join us?

Send us a an e-mail or you can contact Emily directly for more information at info@oxygence.com

Hope to hear from you and welcome you again at the Orloff Resort,

Warm Regards,
Christos Orloff